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In the charming narrative of “You Keep Thinking It” by Michael Dymond, readers are whisked away to the quaint Canadian town of Chatham in 1963, where fourteen-year-old Jake Barnes embarks on a summer journey filled with self-discovery and youthful adventures.

Michael W. Dymond, a Canadian author born in Chatham, Ontario, brings his own experiences and nostalgia to life in this captivating coming-of- age tale. With previous works like “It’s Just About Me, 23 Dover Street” and “Summer’s Eve,” Dymond’s storytelling prowess is evident as he delves into the complexities of youth and growth.

“You Keep Thinking It” explores themes of friendship, family dynamics, budding romance, and the timeless pursuit of acceptance. Through the eyes of Jake Barnes, readers are reminded of the simpler times of adolescence, where technology was scarce, and summers were filled with outdoor escapades and innocent encounters. Jake Barnes navigates the tumultuous waters of adolescence, grappling with his own inner struggles and external pressures, drawing readers into a world filled with nostalgia and relatable moments. Dymond’s vivid portrayal of Jake’s journey captures the essence of youth, with its myriad of challenges and triumphs. It strikes a delicate balance between heartwarming nostalgia and thought-provoking introspection, leaving readers captivated till the very end.

For readers yearning for a nostalgic escape to simpler times, “You Keep Thinking It” offers a compelling journey of self-discovery and friendship. Michael W. Dymond’s masterful storytelling and genuine portrayal of adolescence make this a must-read for anyone seeking a heartfelt narrative reminiscent of days gone by.

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Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reviewer: Benjamin Ford
Date of Review: April 17, 2024

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