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Imagine a universe where the line between hero and villain blurs, where the dark side of power unfolds through the eyes of the antagonist. “Ira” by Jason Boggs is not just a book; it’s a space odyssey that turns the tables on traditional storytelling.

Jason F Boggs enters the literary cosmos with a reputation for crafting immersive worlds. With over 30 years in the hotel industry, Boggs has a knack for understanding human nature, which he translates into his complex characters. Residing on Australia’s Gold Coast, his life is as vibrant as the characters he creates, supported by his wife SueEllen and their two cats.

“Ira” serves as a standalone narrative and an official accompaniment to the Dragon Trilogy. It’s a tale that explores the psyche of Ira Bilis, the series’ villain, set in the aftermath of “The Devil’s Dragon” and before “The Dragon’s Harvest.” The story delves into themes of revenge, ambition, and the quest for power, as Ira, a defeated outcast, navigates the vastness of space with her loyal crew and a mysterious alien ally. It’s a journey that reveals the intricacies of the sungates and a plot for vengeance that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Boggs continues his tradition of creating multi-dimensional characters that reflect a kaleidoscopic range of experiences and insights. The thematic undercurrents of revenge, twisted ideals of love, betrayal, and cross-cultural understanding add complexity to the tale. While there are moments where the writing can be heavy-handed, with immediate explanations for character actions, the plot’s insistent pace and the author’s adept conveyance of emotional depth often overshadow these aspects.

“Ira” is a thought-provoking adventure that will resonate with fans of space operas and those new to the genre. It’s a gateway to the Dragon-verse, offering a fresh perspective from the villain’s point of view. Readers looking for a story that combines action, emotion, and a deep dive into character psychology will find “Ira” an enthralling read.

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Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reviewer: Benjamin Ford
Date of Review: June 12, 2024

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