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IN WANT OF A VISCOUNT – From the Chessmen: Masters of Seduction series , Vol. 3 BY LORRAINE HEATH

Leonora Garrison arrives in London with her brother and mother, hoping to secure investors for their struggling manufacturing business. While she’s fascinated by mechanical devices like the “writing machine” she’s developing, she’s also intrigued by more personal matters. Sneaking out to the Elysium club, rumored to fulfill women’s fantasies, she encounters John Castleton, Viscount Wyeth, who is asked by the club’s owner, his half-brother Aiden Trewlove, to assist in educating a spinster seeking her first kiss.

Despite Rook’s reluctance to embrace his passions due to his father’s scandalous past, he agrees to help Leonora. Their initial kiss sparks intense feelings, leading to further sensual encounters. However, their budding romance faces obstacles, including a compromising situation that threatens their future together.

In this concluding installment of Heath’s Chessman series, unconventional heroine Leonora challenges societal norms, while Rook appreciates her uniqueness. Fans of Heath will enjoy revisiting familiar characters and witnessing the evolution of the Trewlove family. However, Leonora’s overbearing mother adds unnecessary drama to the narrative.

Overall, the novel offers a charming escapade for adventurous women seeking love against the odds.

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