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A Novel ‘Little White Lies’ To Become TV Series

Independent studio Wiip has set its sights on developing Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ gripping novel, “Little White Lies,” into an enticing television series, as reported by Deadline. Originally published in 2018 by Freeform/Disney, Barnes’ young adult masterpiece follows the journey of Sawyer, an 18-year-old auto mechanic, who finds herself thrust into the world of debutantes after being commissioned by her estranged grandmother. As Sawyer delves deeper into this glamorous yet enigmatic society, she uncovers shocking secrets that unravel the facade of high society, to which her family belongs. The narrative is rich with biting social commentary, accompanied by Sawyer’s sharp wit, ensuring readers are captivated from cover to cover. Such was the allure of the story that it led to the publication of a sequel in 2019, titled “Deadly Little Scandals.”

Wiip, the studio behind the wildly successful Amazon Prime series “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” based on Jenny Han’s novel, is set to helm this adaptation. Mark Roybal, representing Wiip, expressed his enthusiasm for Barnes’ intricate narrative, describing it as a “twisty mystery” set against a backdrop of glitz and glamor. He emphasized the centrality of identity and truth-seeking within the story, highlighting the compelling journey of self-discovery undertaken by the protagonist. The collaboration between Wiip and Barnes promises to bring to life the contemporary debutante society in all its complexity and intrigue.

Barnes herself took to Instagram to share her excitement about the adaptation, hinting at the Hollywood secrets she’s been keeping and expressing her elation at working with the talented team behind the project. Her announcement has undoubtedly stirred anticipation among fans of the debutante series, who eagerly anticipate seeing their beloved characters and gripping storyline unfold on screen.

In this era of burgeoning literary adaptations, “Little White Lies” stands out as a compelling addition to the landscape of young adult fiction brought to life on television. With its blend of mystery, social commentary, and compelling characters, it promises to offer viewers a captivating and thought-provoking viewing experience. As the wheels of production begin to turn, fans can only wait with bated breath for the unveiling of this thrilling adaptation.

Michael Schaub’s insightful reporting captures the essence of this exciting development, underscoring the significance of Barnes’ narrative and the anticipation surrounding its transition to the small screen.

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