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Spring has arrived, signaling a time of curiosity and exploration for young Daniel. When his Grandpa prompts him to discover what’s new, Daniel eagerly embarks on a journey through a vibrant city park. With stunning illustrations created using acrylic ink and patterned paper collage, the book brings to life the lush surroundings as Daniel basks in the warmth of the sun and listens to the melodies of redwing blackbirds overhead.

As Daniel traverses the park, he encounters various creatures who share updates on the changing seasons. From the emergence of cattails signaling the end of winter to Mother Duck proudly announcing the hatching of her ducklings, Daniel is immersed in the wonders of nature unfolding around him. Even Polliwog, Snake, Squirrel, and Butterfly join in, contributing to the lively chorus of voices celebrating the arrival of spring.

By the end of his adventure, Daniel has not only observed the flora and fauna but also reflects on his own personal growth. He excitedly shares with Grandpa his newfound ability to whistle, the appearance of a new tooth, and the development of his own legs—all of which are interconnected with the rhythm of the natural world.

As the book concludes, Daniel turns the tables on Grandpa, encouraging him to share his own observations. The illustrations capture the bustling energy of the park, with both human and animal visitors enjoying the beauty of the season beneath a canopy of trees.

With its engaging text and captivating visuals, the book invites young readers to embrace their curiosity and embark on their own adventures of discovery. “Grandpa and Daniel Present Black” is a delightful ode to spring and a celebration of the joy found in exploring the wonders of the natural world.

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