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“Shh… Mommy has a Migraine” by Penny Teague is a gentle and heartfelt children’s book that helps kids understand what it’s like when a parent has a migraine. With lovely illustrations by Abid Rozdar, this book takes readers through a day in the life of a family dealing with mommy’s migraines. The story is told from a young child’s perspective, making it easy for kids to relate. It starts with a fun morning but quickly shows how plans change when mommy feels a migraine coming on. The simple, clear text helps children understand that migraines are a health issue, not something they caused.

The child in the story tries to help mommy feel better by bringing an ice pack and a cold drink. These small acts of kindness show the love and care within the family. Rozdar’s illustrations perfectly match the story, showing the comforting and calm atmosphere needed during a migraine. What stands out is how the book explains migraines in a way kids can understand. Conversations with the child’s older sister and father explain that migraines happen on their own and aren’t anyone’s fault. This helps clear up any confusion or worry a child might have about their parent’s illness.

Throughout the book, we see the family working together to support mommy. Daddy checks on her and reassures the child, and the older sister helps with dinner and playtime. This teamwork and love make the story feel warm and reassuring.

By the end of the day, mommy feels a bit better and joins the family for dinner and bedtime stories. This ending brings a hopeful message that, with rest and support, things can get better.

“Shh…Mommy has a Migraine” is a wonderful book for families. It not only explains what migraines are but also shows the strength of family love and support. It’s a great read for kids to learn about empathy and understanding when someone in the family is not feeling well.

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Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reviewer: Sophia Rogers
Date of Review: June 14, 2024

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