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Imagine a world where time travel is not only possible but is manipulated by a clandestine consortium of governments and corporations. Welcome to “Quantum Consequence: Physics, Lust and Greed,” the fifth book in Mike Murphey’s enthralling series. This novel masterfully blends science fiction, political intrigue, and sharp humor, making it a must-read for fans of complex, multi-layered storytelling.

Mike Murphey, a native of New Mexico, has spent nearly thirty years as an award-winning journalist before transitioning into fiction writing. His background in journalism shines through in his detailed, well-researched narratives and compelling characters. Following his retirement, Murphey has not only written several novels but also partnered with Major League all-star Dave Henderson to produce baseball fantasy camps. His love for fiction, cats, baseball, and sailing finds a unique expression in his stories, often bridging the gap between reality and the fantastic. Murphey splits his time between Spokane, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona.

“Quantum Consequence” centers on a diverse group of time travelers dealing with the repercussions of their interdimensional exploits. Marta and Marshall find themselves protecting Baptiste, a young boy under the rule of his abusive stepfather, Ignace Aguillard. When their friend Cecil is murdered, Baptiste inherits his wealth and connection to the Historical Research Initiative Complex (HRI), a secretive government facility in Arizona that doubles as the hub for time travel.

Parallel to their story, a trio of former HRI employees and assassins—Gillis, Lexi, and Elvin—receive orders from a future version of Lexi to eliminate John Dexter, a future political figure in the dystopian Christian Fundamentalist States of America. The HRI, seemingly deserted, becomes a battleground for these characters and an array of additional threats, including a paramilitary squad employed by Amazon, grandiose AI, and metaphysical custodians of the quantum corridor.

Murphey’s narrative is rich with themes of power, corporate greed, and the human desire for control. The contrast between the scientific pursuit of time travel and its exploitation for profit forms the crux of the novel’s conflict. The author deftly balances this with moments of humor and satire, providing a biting commentary on contemporary societal issues. The characters, despite their extraordinary circumstances, are grounded in their human experiences—love, loyalty, betrayal, and redemption.

The book’s fast-paced, engaging style keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. Murphey’s talent for crafting intricate plots with multiple intersecting storylines is evident as each character’s actions ripple through time, creating unforeseen consequences. The comedic elements, especially the absurdity of time travel protocols (nudity being a job requirement, for instance), are handled with finesse, offering relief from the darker aspects of the story.

“Quantum Consequence” culminates in a thrilling finale, where various threads converge in the depths of the HRI. The mix of action, drama, and humor ensures that the tension remains high, while the characters’ personal growth and revelations add emotional depth to the narrative.

For those seeking a novel that combines the intrigue of time travel with sharp social commentary and richly developed characters, “Quantum Consequence: Physics, Lust and Greed” is an excellent choice. Mike Murphey’s skillful storytelling and ability to infuse humor into a complex sci-fi adventure make this book a standout. Dive into the world of HRI and discover the fascinating consequences of bending the laws of physics for human ambition.

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Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reviewer: Ethan McCain
Date of Review: June 13, 2024

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