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Harlan Coben Talks Series on ‘CBS Mornings’

Harlan Coben recently made an appearance on CBS Mornings to delve into the Netflix adaptation of his gripping novel, “Fool Me Once”. Originally published in 2016 by Dutton, Coben’s book intricately weaves the tale of Maya, a widowed veteran, whose world is rocked when she stumbles upon nanny cam footage revealing her deceased husband, playing with their toddler—a mere two weeks after his murder. The suspenseful narrative garnered high praise from Kirkus, with one critic dubbing it “a tale guaranteed to fool even the craftiest readers a lot more than once.”

The Netflix rendition of Coben’s work premiered on January 1st, featuring a stellar cast including Michelle Keegan as Maya and Richard Armitage as Joe. Alongside them, notable actors like Adeel Akhtar, Joanna Lumley, and Emmett J. Scanlan bring depth to the ensemble. As an executive producer on the series, Coben shared insights into the genesis of the novel during his CBS interview. He revealed, “All my friends were starting to get into having nanny cams in the house, so I was trying to think of what would be something that would really shock the heck out of you.”

Moreover, Coben shed light on the decision to transform the novel into a series rather than a standalone film. “One of the problems sometimes is you try to condense this twisty story—every episode ends in a huge twist—into an hour and a half or two hours,” he explained. “Sometimes things get lost. So in this case, we were able to expand a little bit.”

This adaptation allows for a deeper exploration of the intricate plotlines and character development present in the book, ensuring that each twist and turn is given the attention it deserves. With Coben’s involvement as an executive producer, fans can rest assured that the essence of the novel remains intact while being brought to life on the screen.

As viewers immerse themselves in the Netflix series, they can anticipate being swept away by the same gripping suspense and unexpected revelations that made the book stand out in the realm of thriller literature. “Fool Me Once” continues to captivate audiences across mediums, reaffirming Harlan Coben’s status as a master storyteller in the genre.

Contributed by Michael Schaub.

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